Metamodernism, Music and Movies: Metamodern Musicals!

metamodern musicals Popular Culture Essays EbooksMetamodernism, Music and Movies - Metamodern Musicals is an essay in comic book form that looks at pop music centered movies as a subgenre of musical cinema.

That’s right, we’re calling High Fidelity (2000, directed by Stephen Frears, starring John Cusack) a musical. But not just any musical – it’s a Metamodern Musical.

In this Free comic, we take a look at metamodernism and its relationship to postmodernism and how this cultural movement lets us understand a whole range of pop music movies as musicals. From Wayne’s World to The Boat That Rocked.

A Further Reading list is also included to find out more about metamodernism.

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Metamodern Musicals was written by Kate Krake and illustrated by J Marc Schmidt.

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